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Most popular English Islamic Song By Yusuf Islam Free Download

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About Yusuf Islam:
While leisure in urban center, Morocco, shortly once visiting Ibiza, Stevens was intrigued by the sound of the Aḏhān, the Muslim ritual decision to prayer, that was explained to him as "music for God". Stevens aforesaid, "I thought, music for God? i would ne'er detected that before – i would detected of music for cash, music for fame, music for private power, however music for God!"

During the time he was learning the Qur'an, he began to spot a lot of and a lot of with the name of Joseph, a person bought and oversubscribed within the market place, that is however he says he had progressively felt at intervals the music business. relating to his conversion, in his 2006 interview with Alan Yentob, he stated, "to some individuals, it should have gave the impression of a huge jump, but for me, it had been a gradual move to the current." Stevens had been seeking inner peace and non secular answers throughout his career, and currently believed he had found what he had been seeking.

Stevens formally born-again to the Muslim faith on twenty three Gregorian calendar month 1977, taking the name Yusuf Islam in 1978. Yusuf is that the Arabic rendition of the name Joseph. He declared that he "always precious the name Joseph" and was significantly drawn to the story of Joseph within the Qur'an.

Yusuf married Fauzia statesman Ali on seven Gregorian calendar month 1979, at Regent's Park house of worship in London. they need 5 kids and presently sleep in London, disbursement a part of annually in Dubai.

Free Downloads Most Popular Islamic Songs By Yusuf Islam

No                   Title                        Download Link 
1.            A is for Allah                          Download HERE
2.            Aghanistan (Land) of Islam        Download HERE
3.            Bismillah                                Download HERE
4.            I Look, I See                           Download HERE
5.            La Ilaha Illa Allah                     Download HERE
6.            Our Guide is the Quran           Download HERE    
7.            Seal of the Prophets               Download HERE
8.            Turn to Allah                         Download HERE



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Mohib khan Islamic Song Free Download | Bangla Islamic song

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About Mohib Khan  Mohib khan Was Born 1981 in kisurganj dristick District in Bangladesh. He was completed Daora (MA) In Bephakula madarisila arabiyya1998 and 2004 be completed post-graduate in political science from the National University Dhaka. He is The Most Popular Islamic singer and poet of Bangladesh. Hes First Islamic song Album : Semanta Khule daw ( সিমান্ত খুলে দাও) And First first book of poems : "Lal Sagarer Dhaow" (লাল সাগরের ঢেউ), In addition to being his other music album. 1.Din badaler din Asesa (দিন বদলের দিন এসেছে),2. Inche inche Mate (ইঞ্চি ইঞ্চি মাটি), 3. Ye Mera Watan (ইয়ে মেরা ওয়াতান) and  poetry book : Ochen Kabba (অচিন কাব্য).
Free Downloads Mohib khan Islamic Songs
Ye Mara oatan মুহিব খান (Download)He Jubak Tomiমুহিব খান(Download)Inche ince Mateমুহিব খান(Download)